Survey by Qualaroo

Harry Gilonis

Harry Gilonis: born and resident in London; poet, editor, publisher and writer on poetry, music and art.

His commentaries accompany Werner Hannappel’s photographs in Zdenek Felix's extensive survey Ian Hamilton Finlay, Works in Europe (1995). He published Finlay in several anthologies; collaborated with him in a poem-in-a-folder, 'The Inscriptions' (Wild Hawthorn Press, 1995, collected in Alec Finlay, Green Waters [Edinburgh, 1998]); and wrote the afterword to Finlay’s Grains of Salt (Wild Hawthorn Press, 1996). He wrote the catalogue essay for Finlay’s exhibition Variations On Several Themes at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona (1999). He has written on Finlay and the English garden tradition in two issues of the New Arcadian Journal, and his long article ‘Where time becomes space — Ian Hamilton Finlay’s garden in Provence’ in Word & Image (2005) is the fullest survey thus far of Finlay’s largest garden – which shares some iconographic features with his last fulfilled UK commission, the works in the grounds of St George's Church in Bristol (2002).