Survey by Qualaroo

Charles Heller

Born: 1981

Charles Heller was born in the USA in 1981. He lives in Geneva where he graduated in Fine Arts from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts with a thesis exhibition on the politics and history of asylum in Switzerland for which he received the Liechti Foundation grant (2004). In collabora¬tion with the NGO Agora, Geneva, he initiated a history workshop with asylum-seekers with guided city tours through Geneva's long migration history. He co-produced symbolic interventions on the current evolution of the law on asylum and foreign residents, for the context of public demonstrations. In 2005, he released the 40' video Nem-Nee (Non Entree en Matiere) on the social consequences of the new developments in asylum laws, screened at the UN in Geneva and at human rights festivals. His current research investigates the politics of mobility and probes the interactions between artistic practice and forms of social intervention. Forthcoming works include a video on the 2005 Togolese uprising.