Survey by Qualaroo

Jo Wilkinson

Jo Wilkinson's ideas are born from a variety of sources, including, tissue paper once wrapped around oranges, observational drawings in sketchbooks, recorded journeys as a passenger, holes and song lyrics. Collage, found ephemera, letter stamps, pop up mechanisms, risograph printing and labels are all used and reclaimed into her work. Even a 1970’s typewriter makes a recurring appearance.

Pages in Jo's books are usually cram packed full of textural colour and streams of her sub-conscious, that have somehow wheedled their way onto the paper, in the form of an odd word or two. Jo's approach is one where more is always better than less. She makes the reader a physical participant where turning the page just isn’t enough. Readers are challenged to pull out hidden extras, lift flaps and discover an extra tiny book or pop-up.

All Jo Wilkinson's books are handmade with love and her desire is that the reader will always find more each time they read them.

Twitter: @jowilkinson05