Survey by Qualaroo

John Barrett

John Barrett is an illustrator, painter, printmaker, artist bookmaker, typographer, photographer and educationalist and is currently working in Malaga, Spain. John has 25 years free-lance illustration experience and has exhibited work in galleries in the UK and Spain.

John's work is often inspired by reading and making a visual response to words. The colour, line, texture, space and form he creates are intimately connected to the content of the words written by the author and thereby the interplay of text and image is crucial to the way that the image is read. Many of the poetic words are interwoven into the fabric of the image, thereby building a rich dialogue between the depiction of the meaning of the words through letterforms and image.

As an Illustrator John is interested in how to combine words and images to interpret meaning. Poets such as Federico Garcia Lorca and classic texts such as ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad have continued to inspire his recent work.

Several projects stem from a series of visual interpretations of the ‘Poet in New York’ poems written by F G Lorca between 1929 and 1930. John has also responded to other poetic works.

John is currently working on a new set of smaller book formats, which reflect his observations as an artist and illustrator in rural Spain. Most of these new limited edition books will be printed using lino and mono printing techniques.