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Born in Osaka, Kouhei Matsunaga has been mainly making music since 1992. Under many different aliases (NHK, NHKyx, Internet Magic, Koyxen) he has released numerous albums on labels such as Skam Records, Wordsound, Raster Noton and his first ever album Upside Down on Mille Plateaux in 1998.

He has also collaborated with artists like Merzbow, Jungle Brothers' Sensational, Autechre's Sean Booth, Mika Vainio, Conrad Schnitzler, Rudolf and Asmus Tietchens. Matsunaga's own label Flying Swimming was founded in 2002 with the main purpose being to publish and curate events of experimental contemporary music and art. The NHK'Koyxen project continues to develop his more dance-oriented material, showcased on his lauded recent PAN album Dance Classics: Vol II.