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Mavina Baker

Working Under the imprint of Teacup Press, a small print studio established in 2011 to reflect the artist's increasing interest in book arts, Mavina Baker designs and makes books, prints and ephemera in small limited editions and as one-offs, that are hand-printed and hand-bound.

Baker's work is driven by a desire to tell stories, and by the materiality of the handmade; the artist is drawn to the tactile nature of printing with a 19th century press, and the intimacy of the book form as a way to consider and communicate ideas. Using narrative poetry Baker forms links between word and image, the book becoming the means of expression for simple narratives.

Baker is an artist printmaker with an experiential practise, developing ideas through the act of making. As a result, each piece of Baker's work informs the next. Books have become the artist's main focus and are the medium she uses to explore transitional junctures; combining as they do her interests in printmaking and imagery, poetry and social histories, and typography.

It is important to the artist to have control over each element of production; Baker is author, designer, printmaker and binder and this allows for continuity of practice and integrity of design.

Mavina Baker's work can be seen in collections at Manchester Metropolitan University, University for the Creative Arts, and the Artists’ Book Collection at Bank Street Arts.

 Facebook: /Teacuppress

Twitter: /mavinabaker