Survey by Qualaroo

Morag Keil

Morag Keil (Born in 1985, UK) works in many different mediums including installation, painting, and film. Often, her work deals with the relationship between formal expressions and personal identities, looking at influences and the way in which social positions or political standpoints are reflected in matters of taste and interest.

The series of paintings in Version Control follows Keil’s interest in the performative quality of the act of painting, which results in an object which documents the process of its making. As images of a moment, in which a contact lens is put into an eye, they focus on the act of viewing, or rather its apparatus – the eye, which performs looking as
an activity of observing and interpreting. The fence, on the other hand, is a device which creates a border, it separates us from others. The second work, Out of Your Head, is a mannequin holding a handbag with
a scarf hanging alongside, printed with an image of the handbag contents, suggesting a description of a person through objects.