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Mu Alex

Alex Muños trained as a photographer in the Francesc Catala-Roca Centre for Photography, Barcelona. Since 2000 he has been working on a photo report about the working conditions of Moroccan labourers on farms in southern Spain. In March 2001, as part of the activist and cultural group Las Agencias, he founded the agency Gatografica, which brings together photographic, video, and audio docu¬mentation dealing with the fields of migration, the mobilisation of rights for undocumented people, and the anti-globalisation movement. The CD El Dinero y la Gente (Money and People) was put out on this label and presented at the electronic music festival Sonar. Alex Muhoz took part in Border Camps in Tarifa. Since 1996 his photographs have been exhibited at various art venues in Barcelona, Madrid, and Tarifa.