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OEI Magazine

Founded in 1999, OEI is a magazine for experimental poetry, edited today by Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson and Jesper Olson.

The magazine had been initially centred around things like North American Language-writing, Brazilian concrete poetry, the investigative poetry of the pataphysically oriented Toronto Research Group, and small-press adventures such as the French Orange Export Ltd. Since then the editors have moved closer to the art world, while also including writing about philosophy, film and speculative sociology. OEI has never been about “self-representation” through publishing, but rather interested in what the French media researcher Emmanuel Souchier has called “l’énoncé éditorial”, “the enunciation of editing and publishing”, an enunciation taking into account the constitutive preconditions of the enunciation: format, paper, montage, layout, typography, the tensions between text and image, proof-reading, binding, printing, etc. So far 61 issues of the magazine and approximately 60 books within the publishing structure connected to OEI, OEI editor, have been published.