Survey by Qualaroo

Pete Kennedy

Ever since leaving his home town, Burnley, in 1969 Pete Kennedy has pursued knowledge and ways of sharing it. An artist-writer who has questioned the limit of the canons since 1969, Pete creates original origin images and artefacts in a wide variety of media. He completed a Masters in the last few years under the tutelage of David Jury with whom he recently worked in collaboration on a new letterpress version of his latest book. The book was part of a series based on the theme of finding knowledge and Buddhist teaching.

Ever since his first solo exhibitions in the late 1970’s Pete has done stand-up talks and ‘performances’ based on the ideas in his spectrum of works.

“I play with what can be called book/buk. I am a specialist in ‘alterd spellin’. I expect to do the unexpected except when I am expected to do so. I created my first artisbuk in 1975, Apul-One. It was a B & W paper and thin card vehicle for my journal writings accompanied by strange sketches from my sub-conscious plus some photos. In 2015, in time for BABE, I intend to design and publish a new book from my ever-growing store of strange ‘Squidgeraqs’ sketches”.


Twitter: @petekennedy5