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reassemble is the collaborative work of John Say and Sheena Vallely. Their books are monoprinted from found objects and a random selection of Letterpress, to make one-off artists books that define their motto ‘Never the Same Book Twice’.

Established in 2005, reassemble was awarded the Birgit Sciold Memorial Trust Award of Excellence in the same year for ‘4fold Digital Strategies’.

reassemble's working process is based on chance and improvisation to allow ideas to flow and develop freely. Current work continues in a similar vein with collaged additions of images and text from literature, created for postal and DVD projects.

Ever shifting between mediums, reassemble have made experimental films with Super 8mm film and audio with overhead projectors and hand printed material for installations and collaborations in London, Cardiff and Malmo.

Their books are in a number of public collections including Tate Library, London, Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries, The National Archive, Dublin and Metropolitan Library, New York.

You Tube and Vimeo: /reassemble

Flickr: /reassemble