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Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley was born in 1931 in South London. Lived near Padstow, Cornwall, during the war 1939-45. School at Cheltenham 1946-48; followed her own timetable, mostly art. Goldsmith College of Art 1949-52; again followed her own timetable. Through Samuel Rabin discovered Ingres and proportion, direction, balance, distribution of weight and the 'illusion of correctness'. Royal College of Art 1952-55. Stopped painting and nursed her father after a car accident 1955-56. Took a job selling glass 1956-57. Began painting again 1957. Taught art at a convent school in London summer 1 957-58. Worked in illustration for J Walter Thompson's advertising agency 1958-59. Attended Harry Thubron's summer school 1959. Met Maurice de Sausmarez. Toured in France and Italy summer 1959. Taught at Loughborough College of Art autumn 1959-60. Visited Paris at Christmas 1 959, Spain and Portugal summer 1 960. Taught at Hornsey College of Art 1960- 61. Returned to advertising spring 1 961- 64. Part-time teacher at Croydon College of Art 1962-65. First one-man exhibition at Gallery One, London. 1962.

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