Survey by Qualaroo

Seth Price

In his video Redistribution, Price (born 1973, US) uses images of an artist’s talk on his own work and translates it into a video that he manipulates and updates every time it is exhibited.

The lecture format itself is the first act of redistribution, translating years of work into words and slides. Price then reworks the material, introducing diversions, enigmatic images and gaps between the verbal and the visual, allowing the material to perform its own narrative.

The work of Seth Price arises from an interest in the shifting importance from production to distribution in contemporary culture. His works observe and experiment with objects circulating and performing through networks of value, desire and exchange. For his publishing platform, Distributed History, Price appropriates music which has lost importance in the contemporary discourse and seems dated – such as certain kinds of industrial music – and re-publishes them on self-compiled CDs.