Survey by Qualaroo

Simon Denny

Born 1982, New Zealand, Denny is interested in how the meaning of information changes according to how it is accessed.

All You Need is Data: DLD 2012 Conference REDUX (2013) consists of a large-scale installation based on a re-translation
 of a moment from the Munich-based conference Digital Life Design (DLD) – a high calibre platform for the exchange of ideas between digital media, the sciences and culture. Focusing on the conference from 2012, entitled All You Need Is ... DATA?, Denny has created a display structure for eight canvases in the format of outdoor advertising screens. Each 
of the panels features photos, quotes and various computer / app-style imagery, illustrating the last eight events of the conference. The artist has taken on the challenge of exploring the materialisation and commodification of “future visions and experiences”, which have become a feature of this forward-
looking venture. The work looks at the moment of “translation” – the interpretation from one medium to another, and how this impacts on the content which is represented.