Survey by Qualaroo

Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells’ (born 1962, UK) work shifts between theatre, visual art and writing, often questioning performance practice and the boundaries between stage and life.

He is interested in cultural codes, systems and rules; considering these to be methods as functional means, as well as methods of enquiry. For Version Control, Etchells has reworked Bruce Nauman’s seminal 12-screen video work Violent Incident (1986). Nauman’s work is an elaborate, psychologically informed investigation into violence between people, staging endless repetitions of a domestic fight at a kitchen table. Etchells’ version consists of a descriptive text of the scene in Violent Incident, a simple stage set with table and chairs, and a video of a performance by Bruno Roubicek and Lucy McCormick which is based on the text. The work deconstructs the original video sequence into its elements, suggesting a link between social behaviour and notions of the script and performance. The second work, City Changes, is a re-worked text about a city which never changes.