Survey by Qualaroo

Tobias Madison & Emanuel Rossetti

Swiss artists Emanuel Rossetti and Tobias Madison (born 1985 and 1987, Switzerland) often work in collaboration with other practitioners from different fields, including musicians, designers and film makers, combining the production and distribution of cultural practices. Their works are full of playful references and symbolism. They collaboratively run the alternative cinema and bookshop APNews in an abandoned shopping mall in Zurich and the exhibition space New Jerseyy in Basel.

Their works for Version Control focus on the lighting in the gallery space, several sources are added including a large-scale video projection and transformed light boxes which were found by the artists in a store adjacent to APNews. Rather than occupying the space for its own means, the installation creates an infrastructure for other works, and references other social venues by their absence. The projected video was produced by the artists with friends, experimenting with video feedback loops in a space lit with the blue of the video standby screen. Another work is arranged in a cardboard box which is usually used to transport fruits from Asia to Europe. The artists found these boxes in Zurich as part of a trade system organised by immigrants from Southeast Asia. They set up a global network connecting themselves with family members who remained in their home country, transforming the family structure into a trade route. Madison and Rossetti transformed these globally travelled cardboard boxes into individual universes which accommodate an inner life of lights and objects, surreal, socio-politically activated waste material.