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Arnolfini Book Club

Join us every month to discuss the best new writing and contemporary fiction.

Arnolfini Bookshop have their very own Book Club – running for the first time in Autumn 2016, we aim to focus on unusual fiction and independent publishers. Book Club members will also be able to purchase the chosen titles at a special price.

We meet at 18.30 on one Thursday evening every month in the Arnolfini Café/Bar to share our thoughts on chosen titles and vote on upcoming books.

Pop into the shop to ask a member of staff for more information or alternatively email us:

The Arnolfini Book Club is currently taking a summer break - keep posted for news and join our Facebook group here for summer recommends.


Previous Reads:

The Power by Naomi Alderman

"It starts out fun and then moves into this intense, clever, political and important read"

"The treatment of men later into this story is brutally disturbing... and yet women in parts of the world we live in are being treated worse - this book reminds you that we should still be demanding equality"


The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon

"Every dark thing you can imagine happens in this book but Haddon's craft of writing is excellent"

"Haddon really takes you on a journey - by the middle story I was ready for impending doom and could not confidently hope for a happy ending!"


The Peculiar Life of the Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault

"I got totally caught up in this bizarre, quirky world where you don't question what is happening...until you've finished reading!"

"The poetry is beautiful - the use of the haiku fits perfectly in the telling of this unconventional love story"


A Winter Book by Tove Jansson

"Jansson totally captured the child's perspective in these stories - charming"

"Really enjoyed the autobiographical aspects; what an interesting woman, I want to know more!"


Swimming Home by Deborah Levy

"Every single character is necessary - they all play an important part; they all have secrets"

"A book about human behaviour and emotions - we can all relate to that"


The Sellout by Paul Beatty

“Really, really liked it – incorporated two of my favourite things: psychology and Spanish”

“Found his writing very funny and poignant”

“Felt like an important book to read with a thought provoking message”


The Trees by Ali Shaw

 “Not a book I would have chosen myself, but very pleased I have read it”

“A plot both straightforward and from fantasy – one night the trees arrive!”