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Jöelle Tuerlinckx - Untitled, 2013.

To accompany the exhibition WOR(L)D(K) IN PROGRESS?, Arnolfini produced a new edition by Jöelle Tuerlinckx. The edition consists of a series of unique and signed prints.

Each work is a page from an enlarged print of Tuerlinckx' book WOR(L)(D)(K) IN PROGRESS? Buyers of the edition are invited to select their page, which will then be torn out of the book by the artist and signed. The pages can be framed with the two sides visible, each showing the artist's own documentation of her work, which was in many cases produced specifically for this publication. The enlarged version of the catalogue remains the property of the artist, with black sheets replacing the sold pages. 

As a book accompanying a series of retrospective exhibitions, the catalogue WOR(L)(D)(K) IN PROGRESS? gave Jöelle Tuerlinckx with an opportunity to revisit her past works and deal creatively with ways to represent them in a printed format. This edition continues her investigation by taking the reproduced pages individually, and returning them to the status of an art work.

 Jöelle Tuerlinckx

Untitled, 2013
172 original prints,
54 x 42.5 cm

Apologies - this edition is no longer available from Arnolfini. Please email FFI on how to source this edition.