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Lois Weinberger - Green Man, 2000/2006.

Green Man is a limited edition sculpture from the exhibition Home Voodoo, shown at Arnolfini in 2006/07.

Lois and Franziska Weinberger create sculptures, installations and interventions that question the interaction between uncontrolled forces of nature and socially imposed concepts of order and value. Working in the tradition of 1970s land artists, the Weinbergers’ practice stems from the idea of the garden as a metaphor for society, where wild vegetation is characterised by its capacity for survival in the most inhospitable conditions on the fringes of urban life. Their unusual sculptures open playful dialogues and suggest models for alternative ways of living.

Lois and Franziska Weinberger are an Austrian artist-duo living in Vienna. Over an eleven-year period, Lois Weinberger cultivated a garden archive of endangered plants- weeds- from Central and Eastern Europe, collected during the collapse of communism. For the art festival, Documenta X, Weinberger re-planted these weeds in the heart of the city, making a garden amongst the tracks of a disused railway line and digging up pavements around the central station in Kassel, Germany. 


Lois Weinberger

Green Man, 2000/2006

Cast Polyurethane, painted, 10 x 7.5cm

Edition of 50


£85.00 including VAT

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