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Lothar Hempel - Escape from Krystall, 2007.

Escape from Krystall is a metallic C-print from the group exhibition Pale Carnage, presented at Arnolfini in 2007.

Lothar Hempel works with a range of mediums, from painting and sculpture to photographs and puppet-like figures. Through a simplified and stylistic form of painting, Hempel creates a sense of a theatrical charade. His dream-like and surreal forms allude to theories of the unconscious while reinforcing staged-ness and dramatic alienation. 

Lothar Hempel is a German artist living and working in Berlin. His work has toured  internationally and is included in the public collections of Saachi Collection, London and Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Lothar Hempel

Escape from Krystall, 2007

Metallic C-print, 30.5 x 30.5cm


Edition of 30



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