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Matti Braun - Untitled, 2012.

Unique ceramic plates, hand-painted and glazed, produced by Matti Braun with Philip and Frannie Leach, Springfield Pottery, Hartland, North Devon.

The new edition continues Matti Braun's ongoing interest in the history of crafts. The large plates in slip-ware technique combine a traditional English glaze, the North Devon honey glaze, with a turquoise color from Tehran, where Philip Leach worked for seven years in the 1970s. Braun follows the global interrelations that become apparent through such personal stories. Philip Leach's grandfather was the renowned studio potter Bernard Leach, who was a close collaborator of Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst at Dartington Hall, a rural revitalisation project in South Devon, since 1925. Before this, Leonard Elmhirst worked with Rabindranath Tagore in India on a "department for rural reconstruction", which became a model for the Elmhirst's vision for Dartington. Bernard Leach, who had a studio at Dartington, was born in Japan and influenced by certain traditions of Japanese pottery, in which he saw a greater coherence of production and economy. The edition does not set out to ‘document’ these complex relationships – in fact, some of them might be not visible at all. Rather, they use these findings as an opportunity to create works that are situated within moments of exchange between different formal contexts.

Matti Braun investigates the transit of cultural forms and practices between different traditions. His works, including silk paintings, glass sculptures, textiles, prints and installations, are often based on concrete histories and ideas, but abstracts away from these into his own formal and conceptual explorations. Braun’s solo exhibition at Arnolfini, Gost Log (6 October 2012 - 6 January 2013), presented a selection of key works by the Cologne-based artist from the last fifteen years along with new works.


Matti Braun

Untitled, 2012

Painted and glazed ceramic plates

50cm (diameter)

Edition: 20


Price: £2,500 

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