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Book of the Week

100 Questions (The School of Life) Available in Arnolfini Bookshop £19.99

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ as Socrates was wont to say and he knew a thing or two about making conversation but you don’t have to go to Greece for your hols in order to have a decent symposium with this handy box from our chums at the School of Life. Containing 100 questions to get a meaningful (post) socratic chat going either around a staycation campfire, on a wet weekend in a static caravan with the in-laws or at the bar near the pool in some exotic resort – whatever your destination this summer you can guarantee it will be a more considered and fulfilling experience if you remember to pack this one…

The Front Room The Front Room
As part of Arnolfini’s year of transition, we are testing out new ways of using our spaces, creating a more open ...