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Book of the Week

The Queen & Mr Brown (James Francis Wilkins) available from the Bookshop at £11.99

Start of the school holiday’s what better than to be curled up watching the rain taking a trip with Queen & the short legged Mr Brown. There is no mention of which Queen, which ticks my boxes, although easy to ascertain, to the Natural History Museum for a bit of dinosaurs visiting where upon the story develops into ideas (dinosaurs died out due to boredom), dream fantasies (dinosaur racing at Ascot) and facts. Plenty of pleasure to be gained from reading out loud, Jon and I read it, I was the stubby tailed dog, Jon the Queen, we loved it! The illustrations are memorable especially Mr Brown in the snow, Queen nodding off on bench with Mr Brown at her feet etc. It is one of those books that small people (I am very small) will love and go back to over and over again. An excellent read.

Does Bristol museum have dinosaurs?


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