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Corridors, Stairways & Corners

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Book produced for Clare Thornton investigating dance in the Arnolfini archive.

Re-interpreting the model of a gallery guide or programme note as a kind of score, the book intends to evoke a selection of scenes, actions and movements performed here at Arnolfini by an international cast of artists. Clare Thornton is interested in how we might begin to get to know these past art-works through 'doing' them. Using documentary photographs, brochures and programme notes held in the Reading Room she selected six performance pieces that took place at Arnolfini between 1976-1998. Employing concrete poetry and cut-up techniques Stairways, Corridors & Corners is an invitation to you, the visitor, to revive traces of performance in the building.

A5, 24 pages.

Single colour litho print on Arctic Munken with a single leaf of GFSmith Transclear.

Price includes UK postage. For international delivery please call Bookshop 0117 917 2304 and order over the phone. 

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