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Favourite picks from the staff team at Arnolfini available to buy from the Arnolfini Bookshop.

patti smith devotion


Patti Smith

Yale University Press


In Devotion, writer, artist and performer Patti Smith lets us in on her creative process. We join her as she writes on a train across France and over cups of black coffee, glimpsing, through her eyes, late-night snippets of figure skating championships and a search for the grave of Simone Weil in a drizzling London cemetery. Then, in a disquieting, original story of a young ice skater, we see how all these moments have come to inform the tale.

Fiction, poetry and essay are all written in equally mesmerising language, guiding the reader through Smith’s imagination. This book is an insightful meditation on the practice of writing, and what it is that drives us to write.

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