Survey by Qualaroo

Constructed by Many Mouths, performance by The Island Folk Choir

Sunday 29 November 2015, 12:00 to 13:30

As part of their four day event at Arnolfini, artists, isik knutsdotter of Fourthland present a performance by The Island Folk Choir.

Free - booking essential, please contact the box office

Constructed by many mouths is a performance by The Island Folk Choir commissioned as part of ‘Back to where we have not quite been’, a four day event at Arnolfini by artists isik knutsdotter of Fourthland.

The Island Folk choir are an open access community choir whose repertoire ranges from deeply traditional folks songs to innovative new folk works. Improvisation is at the heart of everything they do and they take pride in being able to tell a tale well. The Choir will share a selection of traditional and new folk songs led by Polly Wilde, Community Singing activist.

back to where we have not quite been is a four day event staged at Arnolfini which brings together sculpture, performance, song, and workshops. Find out more about back to where we have not quite been here.

Fourthland is a London-based art practice that explores themes across anthropology, myth and social architecture through a series of participatory and performative projects. With a focus on ‘acts of care’ and ‘handheld knowledge’, their work uses traditional craft and performance to interrupt public and private space in order to form new ways of communing across cultures and disciplines.


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