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‘Redux' Symposium

Saturday 08 December 2012, 09:30 to 16:00

A symposium exploring how artist's use and re-use their own archive featuring internationally recognized artists and scholars.

Looking at artists' relationships to documents of their past works panels will ask what the relationship between archive and repertoire is? How the practices of reworking influence how performance/live art is remembered and historicised? And consider the impact of the increasingly enfolded relationship between documentary remains of live work and its ephemeral practice.

Speakers include Amelia Jones (The Artist's Body), live artists Amanda Coogan, Dominic Johnson, Traci Kelly and Richard Hancock, plus Terry O'Connor (Forced Entertainment), Andrew Quick (Wooster Group Workbook), Claire MacDonald and Graeme Rose (Stan's Cafe).

£50 / £30 Ticket price includes lunch & refreshments, available only from Bristol University box office

NB The symposium will be followed by screenworks from Blast Theory and Bodies in Flight at approximately 7pm (Free entry to all Redux symposium delegates).

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November 2017
Tuesday 21 November 2017

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