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5Hz Events Day 1

Friday 20 March 2015, 10:30 to 16:00

Explore the 5Hz project with activities, performances, workshops and discussions that investigate the power of language in human relationships.

Artist Emma Smith presents 5Hz – an interactive exhibition that invites audiences to experience a new human language, designed to bring us closer together.

11.30am – 12.30pm Reading group

Join Emma Smith to read and discuss a selection of texts on the origins of language and the proposal that when we first evolved a vocal system we sang to each other rather than spoke.

2pm - 2.30pm Language Lesson with Emma Smith

Join Emma Smith to hear how the 5Hz language was developed and have a go using it yourself.  Please contact box office to reserve a place.

4pm - 5pm Open mic session

Do you have a favourite song you’d like to share? Put your name down on the day to perform in the gallery. Slots will be filled on a first come first served basis so arrive early to avoid disappointment. 


5Hz is the result of a collaborative research process with psychologist Laurence White (Plymouth University), cognitive neuroscientist Nina Kazanina, and musicologist Emma Hornby (both University of Bristol). Building on this research, Emma Smith worked with Laurence White to create a language for the role of social bonding.

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This event is part of Emma Smith: 5Hz Exhibition
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