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A NOISE IN YOUR EYE Sound Sculpture

Thursday 23 May 1985 to Saturday 06 July 1985, 22:00

"What" you may ask, "is A Noise In Your Eye?". Well it’s not the latest punk form of greeting. Neither is it something to pronounce before drinking the health of a friend.
Actually this faintly irreverent phrase is the title of a new and exciting exhibition at Arnolfini. Still mystified? Well the noise comes from the work of a dozen artists all of whom use sound in their work to make sculptures and installations where what you hear is as important as what you see.
The twelve artists have been chosen from a large number of submissions from many different countries. They were chosen not only because their work was interesting in
visual and aural terms, but also because it would allow people to make or interfere with the sounds in ways that were fascinating and intriguing. In other words, this exhibition is going to be great fun for everyone from the very young to the very old.
The exhibition features work by the
following artists:
Ken Gray/Alvin Lucier/Martin Riches/Max
Eastley/David Keane/Hugh Davies/Peter
Appleton/Charles de Mestral/Richard
Waters/David Sawyer/Paul Fuchs/Francois

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