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Aid Oxfam

Wednesday 27 November 1963 to Tuesday 03 December 1963, 23:00

With: Avinash Chandra, David Hepher, Dennis Hawkins, Geoffrey Keeling, John Eaves, Mary Fedden, Paul Feiler, Raymond Fawcett, Richard Robbins
An Exhibition of paintings for sale in aid of Oxfam. Artists who have contributed include: Alice Berger Hammerschlag, Derek Balmer, Avinash Chandra, Henry Cliffe, Joseph Dixon, John Eaves, Paul Eagleton, Raymond Fawcett, Mary Fedden, Paul Feiler, Dennis Hawkins, David Hepher, Roger Hilton, Geoffrey Keeling, R. D. Lee, Theo Mendez, Richard Robbins, Michael Salaman, Julian Trevelyan, Karl Weschke, Marek Zulawski.
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