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And then we pulled the words apart

Thursday 02 July 2015 to Sunday 05 July 2015, 11:00 to 18:00

Young Arnolfini, Black Kettle Collective (Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea) and Ikon Youth Programme (Ikon Gallery, Birmingham) present a collaborative exhibition that explores language.

Three teams of emerging artists have been granted free reign of the space, with no rules or restrictions. Each artwork is conceived and delivered collectively, and explores the cross-pollination of styles, mediums and approaches.

The exhibition, through installation, film works, live performance, textiles and sculpture, investigates the nature of collaboration as a creative process and the role that language plays in these relationships.

“The artists started by asking how we, as humans, come together as groups - be that through stories, journeys, rituals or play. They kept returning to ideas around language and how it links humans in an invisible way. Within this exhibition the groups decided that they wanted to play games with these themes, using storytelling as a device to study group identity, whilst pulling words and symbols apart to think about how they could act and speak collectively.” 
                                                                              Ben Thomas, Programme Assistant


The exhibition will include flags emblazoned with encoded meanings, tents covered in mistranslations and a ‘language allotment’, from which audience members are invited to sew stories throughout the city. Audiences will be able to interact with the exhibition, as the artists explore their ideas via workshops and discussions.

On Saturday 4 July, you are invited to meet the artists, take part in all-day workshop events in the gallery:

1pm - 2pm – Informal tour and conversation led by the artists.

2pm – 4pm – The gallery will be filled with practical workshops, drawn from the themes of the show. Expect to draw plants, create shipping flags and invent your own dictionary.

4pm – 5pm – Spoken word reading led by Young Arnolfini and friends. 


Find out more about Young Arnolfini here.




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