Survey by Qualaroo


Tuesday 07 March 2006 to Tuesday 28 March 2006, 23:00 to 22:00

Organised By Bristol School Of Art, Media Design, UWE
All start at 6.00pm \ £3.00/£2.00 concs / Free for UWE students on production of Student ID
Four artists discuss their work, art historical precedents and influences that inspire them. These lectures are open to everyone.

Phillip Lai Wed 8 March
Exploring the relationship between the individual and social, cultural and collective subjectivities, Phillip Lai’s work is concerned with the desire for community and how we become complicit in the exercise of power in society. The artist will talk about influences ranging from Russian Constructivism to Rastafarianism, Wilhelm Reich to the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo responsible for the Tokyo Sarin gas attack.

Mark Titchner Wed 15 March
The opportunity to hear the artist talk about his work and associated ideas during his exhibition at Arnolfini.

Daria Martin Wed 22 March
Depicting people involved in intense, repetitive relationships with objects and situations, Daria Martin’s films are often infused with a peculiar erotic charge. The artist derives inspiration from a range of art historical sources and in her talk she compares her own films with Joseph Cornell’s surreal box constructions.

Lali Chetwynd Wed 29 Mar
Lali Chetwynd’s work explores ideas of the grotesque through the recreation of icons of film and art history as incongruous as Jabba the Hut from Star Wars and Yves Klein’s famed ‘anthropometries’ painting performance. Working in large-scale collaborative performance, painting and collage, Chetwynd’s recreations are spontaneous, improvised and humorous with a spirit of the carnivalesque. Chetwynd will discuss her diverse inspirations from Michael Jackson to medieval plays.

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