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Assemble: Tree Play Workshop

Saturday 20 September 2014 to Sunday 21 September 2014, 08:00 to 15:00

An interactive play project that aims to open up Leigh Woods for more sustained and varied use by children and their families. Join us for exciting free play workshops in Leigh Woods.

With: Assemble

Come and join us for two days of outdoor, free tree play in the woods with Assemble and Bristol Children's Scrapstore. Trees beat any climbing frame for climbing, swinging, drawing, paper rubbing, species identification or hide and seek. Whether big or small, bushy or towering, there is something to explore and learn from every single one of them, and Leigh Woods has one of the finest collection of trees in the UK. 

We will be bringing out a new set of loose parts and kit specially chosen by Bristol Children's Scrapstore to support play in the woods, and there will be plenty of space for improvisation and experimenting. 

Everyone is welcome, and whilst we encourage parents and carers to stand back and let their children lead their own activities, there will be plenty of play for adults too. Children will be supported and supervised but left to their own devices to explore the woods under their own steam, following their own curiosity and imaginations.

Activities will take place in the Forest Schools area near the Rangers Hut located at the end of Valley Road.

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