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Ballast Seed Boat Tour with Andrea Chung

Wednesday 22 June 2016, 18:45 to 20:15

Join this special event for an opportunity to hear artist Andrea Chung discuss The Floating Ballast Seed Garden.

Andrea Chung is an artist based in the USA who explores the many ways that trade has impacted on the cultural development of island nations in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  She is interested in labour and its complicated relationship with cultures that have developed from the descendants of people who were coerced into inhospitable colonial workforces. She makes work that incorporates materials that are either significant to those cultures and their labour, or that signify broader themes of labour and migration.

Andrea will speak about her work and her participation in Jamaican Pulse: Art and Politics from Jamaica which is on view at the RWA, 25 June to 11 September.

Boat departs from Arnolfini Box Office.


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 Seeds of Change: Floating Ballast Seed Garden brochure is available from Arnolfini. 

Located on Bristol’s historic harbour, just below Castle Park, the The Ballast Seed Garden was created by Maria Thereza Alves in June 2012. Constructed from a disused grain barge, the garden is populated with a variety of non-native plants, creating a living history of the city’s trade and maritime past.

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This event is part of Ballast Seed Boat Tours 2016
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