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Basim Magdy: Film Screening

Thursday 18 May 2017, 18:30 to 20:00

A selection of further films by Basim Magdy, introduced by critic, broadcaster and programmer Tara Judah.

The films of Basim Magdy are as beautiful and poignant as they are obfuscating. Somewhere between each revolution of his kinetic kaleidoscope is a space where poetry, fiction and someone’s version of the truth can flourish. Text and narration constantly intervene in an otherwise haptic journey, shining a flashlight on the melodrama of moments, refusing to allow the linear construction of the whole to prevail. The emphasis on ‘what is’ within the work playfully prevents the viewer from making meaning in a singular or seamless way from the rich, textured imagery and affecting aural scores.

Join critic and programmer Tara Judah for a special presentation of five short films by Basim Magdy:

The Many Colours of the Sky Radiate Forgetfulness (2014)

Crystal Ball (2013)

My Father Looks For an Honest City (2010)

Turtles All the Way Down (2009)

Time Laughs Back at You Like a Sunken Ship (2012)

Tara Judah is an Australian critic, broadcaster and programmer based in the UK. Director at 20th Century Flicks video shop, Curator and Online Editor for Cinema Rediscovered and Trustee on the Board of Directors at Curzon Cinema & Arts, Tara is passionate about cinema-going, independent, archive, experimental, photochemical and repertory film. She is also a regular contributor to Monocle24’s Arts Review and The Cinema Show, Senses of Cinema and desistfilm. 

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This event is part of Basim Magdy: The Stars Were Aligned For a Century of New Beginnings
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