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Boat Tour - The Promise (with Dead Rat Orchestra)

Saturday 16 August 2014, 12:00 to 13:30

Experimental folk trio Dead Rat Orchestra are undertaking a 3 week tour across the UK by canal and waterways. For this special boat trip the band will perform songs which resonant with the Ballast Seed garden project, considering themes of musical and cultural migration and dissemination.

By sharing story and song, and drawing on their tour experiences, DRO will explore how cultural cross-polination and transitory elements become established roots and traditions.

You might also like to book onto the evening performance.

This event is part of The Promise. The Promise is an exhibition project that focuses on the relationship between a city’s design and the hopes and ambitions of its residents. Exhibitions and events will take place in Arnolfini galleries and across Bristol throughout the summer.

Share your photos with us or tell us what you think @arnolfiniarts #ballastseed.

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This event is part of The Promise
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