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IBT17: My Big Sister Taught Me This Lap Dance - Rosana Cade

Friday 10 February 2017 to Sunday 12 February 2017, 16:00 to 20:30

Open your legs. Put your hands by your side. No touching.

(Sunday event time: 2-6.30pm)

Inside a small red lit booth Cade performs the lap dance her older sister used to perform professionally. This intimate exchange between performer and audience explores how we view the naked female body in different contexts. Through the repetition of the dance, the manipulation of our gaze, and the use of interview excerpts, a unique feminist dialogue between two sisters is revealed.

‘Brave, clever, provocative’ The Herald Glasgow

This is a one to one performance.


Contains adult content, parental discretion is advised.

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October 2017
Thursday 19 October 2017

Galleries 11am-6pm
Bookshop 11am-6pm
Café Bar 10am-10pm
Reading Room 11am-6pm

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This event is part of IBT17 Bristol International Festival
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