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Damien Roach - INFRA LION

Saturday 05 January 2013, to 23:00

Arnolfini has invited Damien Roach to be in residence throughout 2012 in order to develop a new installation for the second of our annual foyer commissions. Roach appropriates images and materials from the broadest spectrum of culture, reconfiguring them through methodologies that imagine new modes of perception, thought and visualisation. Borrowing from sources and disciplines as diverse as architecture, music, psychoanalysis, graphic design and philosophy, the installations and works that he creates are highly experiential, evocative of a sense of altered and heightened states of cognition.

For this commission encroaching Arnolfini via its foyer, lifts, stairwell, lobby, and even its branding, Roach has developed a series of interventions that will unravel over the course of the year. Subtly shifting the fabric of the building, including surface textures, lighting, windows, scents, sounds and behaviours, the building will possess a hybrid and shifting quality, with mirages, mutations and recollections becoming the very material of the project.

Follow the project on twitter/INFRALION & interact live with the hashtag #infralion

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