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Desert Island Flicks with Richard Williams

Wednesday 18 September 2013, 18:00 to 19:30

Encounters is delighted to present master animator Richard Williams as this year’s castaway marooned with only a limited number of his all-time favourite animated films. In conversation with Phill Jupitus, Richard will discuss why these films warrant his special attention.

Richard Williams has had an immeasurable influence not only on British Animation, but the whole art of animation. His studio had many famous successes; for Tony Richardson’s The Charge of the Light Brigade in 1968 he brilliantly realised sequences in the style of Victorian political cartoons. In 1975, Williams imbued the Pink Panther with elegance for the classic opening of Blake Edwards’ Return of the Pink Panther. In 1988, Williams was hired to oversee design and direct the animation for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which is often credited with reviving the fortunes of the animated feature film. It’s difficult to imagine that no computers contributed to the animation; from layout, through animation, to rostrum camera work, it’s testament to the pinnacle of excellence that Williams and his crew reached. Williams won two Academy Awards for his contribution to this film.

This event is part of the festival’s celebration of the life and work of Richard Williams. You can also catch the ’80 Years of Richard Williams’ retrospective programme (Thursday 19 September at 6.30pm) and a gala screening of cult favourite Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Tuesday 17 September at 8.30pm) at Watershed.

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