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'El Cimarron'

Friday 25 March 1977, 23:00

Sebastian Bell (flute), Timothy Walker (guitar), Gary Kettel (percussion), Michael Rippon (voice).

Arnolfini Music has seized the opportunity to present this exciting music theatre-peice. Written by the Cuban writer Miguel Barnet, it is based on the rememberences of 104 year old negro called Esteban Montejo. Montejo had been a runaway slave, lived in the wilderness, and fought the Spaniards in the 1895-98 war of independence. Henze, casting around for a suitable subject for initiating his socially committed phase, has made a powerful and dramatic setting of this strange story, his first 'stage' work after The Bassarids.

Thsi concert is part of the 1976-77 Contemporary Music Network of the Arts Council of Great Britain.
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