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Film Exercise: The Bioskop

Thursday 25 October 2012, 16:30 to 18:30 Offsite - meet in Arnolfini foyer at 6.30pm

In this edition of the Film Exercise the Bioskop will take you off-site and deep outside.

With: Bridget Crone

Cinema has always allowed audiences and makers to explore desires, geographies and realities vicariously. As digital technology combined with neo-liberal economies has put moving image production and distribution into many of our hands, the Bioskop sees these adventures coming closer and closer to home.

Come on a vicarious adventure with the Bioskop right now!

Films to be screened include the Bureau of Inverse Technology’s B.I.T. Plane, Lucy Gunning’s Climbing Around My Room and a performance by Sheri Guywin.

*** Bring a torch, dress warm and rainproof - wearing wellington boots will allow you travel further ***

The Film Exercise is a monthly programme of screenings and discussion that explores the urgency, social or political timeliness in curatorial approaches to artists' film and video, as well as delighting in the diversity of artists' work in the
field of the moving image. Co-presented by Bridget Crone and Al Cameron.

The Bioskop is an ontological cinema that puts on elaborate and free screenings in spaces around Bristol.

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