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Forced Entertainment - Spectacular

Thursday 05 March 2009 to Friday 06 March 2009, 23:00

Fri 6 & Sat 7 Mar, 7.30pm
£8.00/£6.00 concs
A lone performer takes to the stage, explaining that the show we're watching is somehow different tonight. The atmosphere is different, his entrance was off, the lights are wrong, some scenery is missing, and some performers are absent. The tone is all wrong. Things are somehow falling to pieces, or maybe things are just now falling into place. The audience reaction, our protagonist says, is not quite what he expected, not quite what he's used to. Perhaps the fact he is dressed as a skeleton has something to do with it.

Intimate and comical, Forced Entertainment's Spectacular is about the now of the performance moment, possibility and invention and an audience caught between what they are watching and what they are being told.

‘a fascinating, haunting piece of work' **** The Guardian

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