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Franz Treichler Plays Dada

Friday 20 September 2013, 18:30 to 20:00

Franz Treichler, founder of the legendary Swiss band The Young Gods, designs and performs a live soundtrack for an overview of experimental films of the 20th century, screened on 16mm film.

For this project, the guitarist will re-score films by instigators of the Dada Movement (Hans Richter, Man Ray), artists affiliated with the Fluxus movement like James Riddle, and works by Jean Painlevé, Martin Arnold and Stan Brakhage.

Featuring the films:

Starfish Man Ray (black / white, 15 mins, 1928)

Black Ice Stan Brakhage (colour, 2 mins, 1994)

Rythmus 21 Hans Richter (black /white, 3 mins, 1921)

Fluxfilm No. 5 John Cavanaugh (black / white, 3 mins', 1966)

Fluxfilm No. 6 James Riddle (black / white, 9 mins, 1966)

Delicacies of Molten Horror Synapse Stan Brakhage (colour, 9 mins, 1991)

Affected part of Martin Arnold (black / white, 16 mins, 1989)

LCD Jean Painlevé (colour, 6 mins, 1978)

This event is part of the Animated Encounters festival’s celebration of all things Swiss. Also in this programme are The Chalet Show: Swiss Animation Greats, a screening of outstanding animated shorts (Friday 20 September 2013, 5pm), and an installation by Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer in the Dark Studio (Thursday 19 September 2013, 10am to 5.15pm / Friday 20 September 2013, 10am to 5.30pm). There are also special Swiss screenings and events happening over at Watershed during the week.

Presented by Swiss Films

Visit The Young Gods website.

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This event is part of Animated Encounters
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