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From here to betweenity : Free Guest Tours

Friday 30 June 2000 to Friday 04 August 2000, 22:00

Free Guest Tours
Saturday 1 July 2.30pm
Mac Dunlop, whose work is in the vague but true video programme, will look at the devices artists in the exhibition use to play with fact and fiction.

Saturday 8 July 2.30pm
Janice Kerbel will give a tour of her work.

Saturday 22 July 2.30pm
Shawn Sobers, Media Education Officer from at-Bristol, will explore the different ways the artists in From here to betweenity use technology (video, photography, film and the Internet) to make art.

Saturday 5 August 2.30pm
Catsou Roberts, Senior Curator at Arnolfini will talk about the work in JK/JK, part of From here to betweenity. She will discuss the works specifically, how they relate to each other and the curatorial context for the exhibition.

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