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Arnolfini Team Get Creative

Alongside the BBC Get Creative campaign to celebrate the importance of all types of creativity across the nation, we've been discovering more about the creative adventures of our staff team...

Nick Dixon – Head of Building & Operations

"I once read, 'Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third' so in between work, volunteering and sleeping I fill the remaining of my spare time making hand-made chocolates purely for the health benefits (that’s what I tell myself anyway!). I love experimenting with new flavour combinations, trying out new ingredients and creating new textures all through the year. Then in December I subject my work colleagues and friends to a chocolate workout!

There are however two downsides to this creativity, the artist has to wash up afterwards and if not controlled, some serious weight gain!


Roxanne Goffin - Bar Tender

“Printmaking, especially etching, is an integral part of my creative practice. The fine details created by my faithful etching needle lend themselves to the intricate line work of my drawings. Etching is an incredibly technique-driven process and I have developed my own particular methods, which are time consuming but incredibly cathartic. Every step of the process has its own unique challenges, which makes each successful print incredibly fulfilling."

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Tamsin Buckley Bell – Visitor Services Assistant

“I am a drama practitoner which means I facilitate drama workshops. I work in care homes with people with dementia and also run a youth theatre for 6-11 year olds. Being creative in this way fits with who I am. I have a lot of energy and am quite a physical person, so jumping around, creating worlds and the stories within them is perfect for me. I work with people who are at the beginning of thier life and people whose life is coming to it's conclusion, drama is such a great artform that both parts of my practice can be interwoven.”

Find out about Tamsin's Youth Theatre Group here.



Lisa Whiting – Creative Content Manager

“Balancing work life, freelance photography and being a mum to two small boys can be incredibly hectic! I’ve found a little haven of peace and tranquillity, and time for myself, in learning ceramics.  It’s soothing and totally absorbing. My other creative pursuits are often quite controlled but here I'm a novice so I'm enjoying the surrender to unexpected outcomes and absent agenda. I forget about the outside world and can create something lovely from a tiny lump of clay – even if it does end up a little bit wobbly...”

Kirsten Cree – Office Manager

'For me making artwork, be that collages, poetry or gallery installations, is a way to explore the relationships between people and their immediate environments. I enjoy noticing the parts of the world that are usually looked over and displaying them in a new way. I'd like to encourage people to think differently about the world around them even if it's just noticing a beauty in something they usually wouldn’t. '

Take a look at Kirsten's work here.

Gaia Rosenberg-Colorni – Executive Assisant/ Impact Manager

 "As a documentary film maker, I have become fascinated with urban exploration and documenting the processes that I use to interact with the built environment: from crawling into storm drains to travelling across rivers, lakes and canals with my inflatable dinghy. Each project is intrinsically collaborative, making for a great weekend out with friends, local connoisseurs, fellow practitioners and, above all, new people."

 See Gaia's projects here.


Find out more about BBC Get Creative and Join in with a day of family friendly free art activities in organisations across Bristol on Saturday April 3 to celebrate Get Creative day. 

Let us know how you enjoy being creative and tag your photos #GetCreative @ArnolfiniArts

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