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Gob Squad Workshop 'Dancing About'

Monday 17 October 2011 to Thursday 20 October 2011, 22:00

TUE 18 - FRI 21 OCT 11.00AM - 6.00PM £40.00
This workshop is taking place in parallel to Gob Squad's development of a new project, Dancing About, a dance piece in the context of competitive sports, danced by and for all those who were ever left on the bench. The workshop offers an insight into the strategies and methodologies that Gob Squad use when creating new work. Combining the use of media, video, sound and text work, participants will develop compositional pathways and frames that can contain their bodies dancing. The workshop is for non-dancers, but dancers are welcome. Participants will generate movement material and ways of free dancing which make virtuosic their own idiosyncratic style. Developing texts, exploring authenticity via semi-autobiographical story writing/telling, accessing, fictionalising and falsifying personal stories, participants will look at different methods of text generation: journalistic, commentary, internal monologue etc.

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