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IBT17: Cuncrete - Rachael Clerke & The Great White Males

Saturday 11 February 2017, 21:00 to 22:00

A no-wave, drag-king, punk-gig musical about architecture, idealism and how we ended up in this mess.

Hosted by architect Archibald Tactful with anti-virtuoso house band The Great White Males, Cuncrete is a gratuitously sleazy and joyfully noise critique of alpha-masculinity and the built environment. Expect original music, grotesque posturing, sharp suits and wet cement.

"An exhilaratingly bleak swansong for the grey, hard dreams of powerful men." ★★★★ The Stage

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September 2017
Tuesday 26 September 2017

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This event is part of IBT17 Bristol International Festival
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