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IBT17: Winter - Quarantine

Thursday 09 February 2017 to Sunday 12 February 2017, 11:00 to 19:00

A film by Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul for Quarantine. A delicate portrait of a person at the end of their life.

(Sunday event times: 11am-6pm)

Winter is a short film about Mandy King-Holmes. Mandy is 50 years old. She lives in York, has two children and four dogs. Mandy also has terminal lung cancer. This powerful, deeply affecting film – created in widescreen triptych form – approaches the ways in which Mandy's knowledge of time running out effects how she deals with the everyday, impacts upon her plans for the future and her reflection on her own history.

Winter is part of Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Quarantine's extraordinary quartet of performance and film about our relationship with time. It's a piece of mass portraiture, tracing the shape of a life. Winter is co-commissioned by In Between Time.

‘Quietly, determinedly brilliant.’ **** The Stage


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October 2017
Sunday 22 October 2017

Galleries 11am-6pm
Bookshop 11am-6pm
Café Bar 10am-10pm
Reading Room 11am-6pm

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This event is part of IBT17 Bristol International Festival
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