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INSTALLATION | Our Eyes Tell Stories

Monday 10 September 2018 to Sunday 23 December 2018, 11:00 to 16:00

Now or Never with Amak Mahmoodian and City Academy Bristol

"Can you live without a friend?"

"A friend is half of life."

Made by Alexandra, Sabina, Choi_Maru95, Livi, Maria, Halla, Rahab/bellezar, Elena and Amak Mahmoodian at City Academy Bristol and Arnolfini.

In July 2018 artists from City Academy Bristol's year nine art class worked with Amak Mahmoodian to create an installation for Arnolfini's foyer space. 

The artists thought about the future they wanted to live in and agreed that the world needs to learn to communicate, to make friends and to collaborate. This is something that came quite naturally to them because they're still in school, which is the time you learn to make strong friendships quickly. Some of the artists know each other so well they can communicate with just their eyes. No speech needs to pass their lips to let each other know how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. It’s a universal form of communication and a language that is centred on friendship.

Special thanks to Jenny Betts for bringing us all together.

Now or Never is a creative studio that exists to amplify incredible ideas that challenge the way things are and project them into the world.

Playful, serious, bold and public, Now or Never initiates cooperative spaces for 14–18 year olds to work with local artists to create impactful prototypes for new ways of living. Our aim is to create a free space to discuss what to do when the world is slow, freezing or responding incorrectly.

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