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Janek Simon Arnolfini Residency Collaboration Programme #1


Jun 08 - May 09
Janek Simon
Arnolfini Residency Collaboration Programme #1
Janek Simon will be the inaugural artist for Arnolfini’s new Residency Collaboration Programme.
The Programme consists of a number of small projects developed over one year in collaboration with artists and artist groups. The projects will develop through a discursive process with the artist/group without any preconceived plans. It is hoped that this could then lead to presentations at Arnolfini or within Bristol. The individual residencies will commence every six months to ensure there will be two residencies taking place in parallel at any one time.

Janek Simon’s works attempt to utilise information systems available in order to ascertain the extent to which culture and economy have developed a relationship within contemporary society. Remaining pragmatic at their core, Simon’s works seek to bypass mainstream modes for producing culture and objects, often to exist within his personal cycle of productivity. His works give the appearance of simplicity, yet they tend to offer insight into possibilities for a wider understanding of how things work or are made.

Janek Simon’s residency period will begin with the presentation of his work Calculator (2006) as part of Arnolfini’s Far West exhibition.

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